Quality Assurance Statement

Lantra prides itself with its thorough quality assurance management systems implemented with its National Highways Sector Schemes Training Providers.  Working with industry experts Lantra is able to independently verify all aspects of Training Provider delivery and quality management.  By incorporating independent audits Lantra is able ensure the highest level of quality assurance with confidence.

Lantra utilises Internal and External Quality Assurers to identify, resolve and instigate preventative measures.


Internal Quality Assurance

The role and responsibilities of the Internal Verifier (IV) is one of the most important within the Training Provider structure.  All Training Providers must have at least one IV in place to ensure every provider has an effective and proactive means to self-assess.

To learn more you can view section 7 of the NHSS Training Provider Document.


External Quality Assurance

Lantra works closely with a team of industry experts all of whom hold the EQA qualification.  If you would like to know more about becoming a Lantra Sector Schemes External Verifier you can view the EV Guidance Notes pdf file at the end of the page.