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Sector Scheme updates 

Current Training materials Version Control Document is available as a pdf document at 


  • 22 March 2018  TTMBC course as a pre-requisite for 12D M1 MWO
  • 01 March 2018 FISS CSCS News Update
  • 02 February 2018 NHSS Training Provider Reacreditation 2018 - 2019
  • 16 February CourseSight Notification
  • 23 January NHSS 12 Lantra TM CSCS Smartcards Scheme FAQs published
  • 08 January Lantra Smartcards for NHSS course deliver prior to 02 January 2018


  • 19 December Lantra Smart Card and Skills Identity Card - Photographs Guidance
  • 06 December Lantra Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Smart Cards
  • 16 October NHSS12D T6 course updating M3 & M4 Cards:  Advance notification of the introduction of TTMBC for the M1 MWO course.
  • 10 October FISS CSCS Smart Cards - see FISS CSCS website page
  • 25 August 2017: Highways England Health and Safety Common Induction Course - Instructor Standard Setting Events notification
  • August 2017:  NHSS12AB - existing instructor /assessor requirements
  • 01 June 2017:  NHSS12D Document (Issue 2 [9001:2015] June 2017) published
  • 20 May 2017: Publication of NHSS Training Provider Document V6.0 May 2017
  • May 2017: NHSS12AB TMF LTMO V 4.2 47 2016.2017 model answers and marking guidance revised .  No other materials changed
  • May 2017: NHSS12D M6 & M7 selected materials revised please see version control sheet for list of those that have been updated and those that remain unaltered 
  • FISS/CSCS requirements flow charts sent to NHSS10B Training Providers.  V1.1 01.2017 are new documents and V2.1.01.2017 are reissues of previous documents due to numbering change
  • Word versions of Logbook Housekeeping forms emailed to appropriate Training Providers
  • News update 27/03/2017:  NHSS12D T1-T7 revised materials and course portfolio sheets notification.  Release of Logbook Housekeeping materials for internal assessor standardisation.
  • News update 21/03/2017:  Logbook Housekeeping Internal Standard Setting
  • News update 17/03/2017: Advance notification of Emergency of Traffic Management Course
  • News update 16/03/2017: FISS / CSCS Fencing Scheme and NHSS 10B requirements
  • The following National Highway Sector Scheme Documents are published on the UKAS website from 1st March 2017:                                            NHSS10B Issue 1 March 2017     NHSS2B Issue 14 March 2017        NHSS5B Issue 8 March 2017
  • News update 01/03/2017:  For information purposes - the Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 part 3 update 2016 is available to view at
  • News Update 13/02/2017: Lantra Version Control document February 2017 circulated
  • News update 13/02/2017:  NHSS12AB TMF or LTMO course materials updated training materials 
  • News update 23/01/2017:  NHSS10B News updates part 1 and part 2
  • News update 05/01/2017:  Lantra NHSS Membership Renewal & Service Fees 01 April 2017 - 31 March 2018


  • News update 20/10/2016:  NHSS Logbook Housekeeping Standardisation notification
  • News update 23/08/2016: Image Amendment to PowerPoint Presentations: Affected PPPs amended and distributed
  • Lantra Website 09/08/2016: Where to find useful information in the NHSS & Maintenance section - explore our website
  • News update 01/08/2016:  Updated FAQs for Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course published to website
  • News update 01/07/2016:  Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course and NHSS 12A/B Training Materials updated and released
  • New Evaluation forms and printing instructions sent to providers 28/06/2016 - copies available at the foot of this page
  • News update 06/06/2016:  New NHSS10B (2B/5B merger) Permanent VRS
  • News update 06/06/2016:  CRO Card Changes (FISS/CSCS White Card)
  • News update 05/05/2016:  NHSS 12A/B & C TTMBC clarification
  • Publication of revised National Sector Schemes Training Provider Document V5.1 05 May 2016  - see inside front cover for amendments
  • News update 20/04/2016:  Publication of revised National Sector Schemes Training Provider Document V5 18/04/2016
  • News update 05/04/2016: email referring to amendments made to TTMBC 7th March TTMBC update 
  • News update April 2016:  TTMBC April 2016 update
  • News update March 2016: Change of NHSS Card Expiry Date Rulings March 2016
  • News update March 2016:  NHSS 12D T1-T7 revised materials released


For archived news update please contact the  NHSS and Highways Maintenance Team 


NHSS Logbook Housekeeping Standardisation Event - dates have been published - please click here to view dates and access booking forms

Train the Trainer event dates for NHSS 12D T5  & T7 and Traffic Management for Community Events instructor standardisation day - please click here  to view dates and access booking form (when published).