Course Portfolio Sheets

NHSS Course Portfolio Sheets

Lantra has a series of Course Portfolio sheets which give you an overview of the NHSS skills registration.  These Portfolio sheets are available for any one to read .  The pdf files for each Portfolio sheet are at the end of this page.

Please note that these courses can only be delivered by a Lantra approved NHSS training provider who has registered for the appropriate scheme and who have an appropriately approved Instructor for each course registered to them.

NHSS Course Portfolio Sheet Version Control
12A Foreman Training V1 30:2015
12AB Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course (TTMBC) V3 04:2018
12AB General Operative V4  27:2016.17
12AB Traffic Safety Control Officer (TSCO) V2 27:2016.17
12B Lead Traffic Management Operative (LTMO) V1 30:2015
Impact Protection Vehicle (IPV) V1.3 04:2013
12C General Operative V2 27:2016.17
12C Planning Officer Training No longer available
12C Supervisor V1.2 2013
12D M1 Moving Works Operative (MWO) V4 44:2016.17
12D M1-M2 General Operative V4.1 44:2016.17
12D M3 Dual Carriageway V4 44:2016.17
12D M4 Convoy V4 44:2016.17
12D M5 Multi-phase V4 44:2016.17
12D M6 Road Lead Traffic Management Operative (RLTMO) V4 44:2016.17
12D M7 Course for Managers and Client Officers V4 44:2016.17



20/03/2018         Please note that the Portfolio Sheets for NHSS12D M1 & M2 are currently being updated