Lantra and WAMITAB collaborate on environmental skills and qualifications



Lantra and WAMITAB have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to initiate collaborative working on the development of environmental skills development and qualifications.

Recognising the strengths of each body in the environmental arena, Chris James, WAMITAB CEO, commented: “We can see a natural convergence of our work in developing the skills agenda for industries that impact on the environment. Lantra addresses the rural and land-based aspects of environmental skills, whilst WAMITAB focuses on waste and resource management and recycling. Bringing the two together will enable us to provide employers with a simple way of working with us in end to end solutions for the development of their workforces.”

Lantra’s Business Development Director, Sallyann Baldry, said: “It’s vital that specialist awarding bodies play to their respective strengths in the sectors in which they can rightly claim considerable expertise and understanding of their customer base. We believe that such collaborative arrangements will form an important strategy for smaller awarding organisations in the future.”

The MOU sets out a sequence of development activity, including pinpointing existing products that have synergy with the traditional footprint of organisations, as well as some new and innovative product development and joint marketing and promotional opportunities.


WAMITAB is the only awarding organisation that provides an end to end solution from operative through to management level qualifications in resource management and recycling, cleansing, parking and facilities management. WAMITAB is a charity and a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to delivering industry-relevant qualifications and support.

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Lantra CEO Marcus Potter and WAMITAB CEO Chris James sign the MOU at Lantra House.



Left to right: Mark Hyde (WAMITAB Commercial Director), Marcus Potter (Lantra CEO), Chris James (WAMITAB CEO) and Sallyann Baldry (Lantra Business Development Director).