Windblown Trees Training

Windblown trees can be extremely dangerous. Dealing with whole trees that have been uprooted, as well as snapped branches and partially blown trees, presents a significant hazard and requires specialist skills and knowledge. Winter storms can increase the occurrences of windblown trees and subsequent disruption – particularly to the road and rail networks.

Following feedback from industry, we have updated and refreshed our windblown training and refresher materials. This has involved utilising our verification team of industry experts to ensure that the material is of the highest quality.

With our forestry training and qualifications, you’ll enhance your knowledge, understanding and skills in forestry and learn how to carry out the severing of trees using a chainsaw safely and effectively.




Why do I need training?

Safety is critical in forestry and arboriculture, and with our training and qualifications you’ll be able to…

  • Sever uprooted and windblown trees using a chainsaw
  • Cut windblown trees using appropriate techniques
  • Employ health and safety and industry good practice
  • Understand relevant health and safety legislation and industry good practice
  • Meet licence to practice and other legal requirements.


We also offer a one-day refresher course to provide you with the opportunity to practice and update your skills and techniques. The refresher course will ensure that you are not only confident when using a chainsaw, but also aware of relevant health and safety legislation.




Why Lantra?

  • Our qualifications are regulated, meaning that they are quality assured and achieve national standard through Ofqual
  • They are written by industry specialists from forestry and arboriculture industries
  • We are local, on a national scale - providing you with the national recognition you need but accessible on your doorstep
  • We regularly update our training materials to ensure the highest quality courses are offered
  • We have more than 40 years' skills development experience in the land-based and environmental sector.


Quality training can also improve competence, job satisfaction, motivation and morale. Plus, taking a nationally recognised Lantra Awards training course can also boost your employment prospects and help you succeed in your current role or start a new career.


Grow your career!

So why not join the other 80,000 learners who undertake Lantra Awards training every year? Check out our range of windblown trees courses and qualifications and find your local training provider!