Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)

Are you looking for a land-based qualification in Scotland?

If you work in the land-based sector, having the correct up-to-date skills and knowledge is critical in order to carry out your role effectively and safely. Lantra offers a range of Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) qualifications, tailored specifically to the needs of the land-based industries. These are supported by our strong links with both industry and employers, who we have worked with to provide learners with the crucial skills and knowledge for their roles.


What is SCQF?

  • The SCQF is Scotland’s national qualifications framework, promoting lifelong learning and supporting people of all ages and circumstances to access education and training.
  • It supports the Scottish Government's lifelong learning strategy, and helps employers to understand how much learning has been achieved (and at which level) within Scotland and across national and global borders.
  • The SCQF has 12 levels, with level 12 being the most demanding. Credit points indicate how much time it takes (on average) to complete a qualification. 
  • To be included on the SCQF, qualifications and learning programmes must have their credit rating and level formally confirmed. Modern Apprenticeships in many industries are now included in the SCQF (at levels 5 to 12). 



  • SCQF qualifications are highly respected by employers. Gaining new knowledge and skills through an SCQF qualification can open up a new world of career opportunities. Plus, when you get new academic and/or vocational qualifications, you earn SCQF Credit Points that may go towards further learning you may undertake.


Which SCQF qualifications does Lantra offer?

Lantra offers a range of SCQF qualifications. Many directly complement Modern Apprenticeships and Scottish Vocational Qualifications and can add immense employability value. They are backed by industry and can be used to launch or further enhance your career.




Microchip Implantation in Animals:


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