Lantra Awards Technical Award in Conservation of Traditional Rural Buildings

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Summary / introduction: 
Traditional rural buildings offer a sense of history throughout the rural landscape, and can if conserved correctly become an important financial asset. Our one day Conservation of Traditional Rural Buildings attendance course will help you further review the options available to you.
Target audience: 

Our one day Conservation of Traditional Rural Buildings attendance course has been designed for you if you are a farmer, farm manager, estate owner or if you have a key interest in upgrading traditional rural buildings.


This course will help you to review the options available to you in relation to your buildings and understand further the requirements to conserve a building.

Product objectives: 

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Encourage farmers and landowners to review their options with regard to the retention of redundant buildings and help them decide how they can make use of these assets without detriment to the environment or landscape.
  • Recognise the materials, style, function and historical context of traditional rural buildings in your local area.
  • Carry out an initial assessment of the condition of a building and recognise the need for professional expertise where appropriate.
  • Evaluate the business potential of upgrading a traditional farm building.
  • Deal with the needs of regulatory and, if appropriate, grant-awarding bodies.
  • Prepare an environmental statement, predicting the effects of the proposed restoration on the landscape and on relevant plant and animal populations.

Course sessions:

  • Agricultural buildings – heritage and history
  • Upgrading a building – the business approach
  • Landscape and environmental considerations
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Training Course
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Training Only
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Theory and practical based
1 Day
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Farming and Conservation
Conserving Traditional Buildings